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A true multi-national talent, filmmaker and actress extraordinaire, Sarah hails from Toronto and has worked in Egypt, London and Los Angeles. Her debut feature film M.L.E. is streaming now on Amazon Prime. She is currently in the midst of a myriad of exciting projects that we can expect in 2020. Keep your eye on this one!

What brought you to LA?

Eventually I couldn’t resist the claimed mecca of the Los Angeles film world. I was working as a writer, director & actor in London, and despite my decent handle on regional accents, I was sort of seen as “the Canadian” (or outsider). My roles and opportunities were limited to the fact that I wasn’t British. I did have some success in London, making my debut feature film which won a number of comedy awards, opened at the BFI Southbank and had a theatrical release. But it was the follow up to which was limiting. This was before Fleabag and any British embracement of the writer actor director thing. Every agency meeting I attended in London (once my film opened) told me to “choose one role.” Alternatively, the first meeting I had in LA, the response to my hyphenate career was “Fantastic! I can put you in 6 rooms versus 1.” Either place isn’t perfect because the film industry is a wild thing to navigate generally, but I came essentially to join the party! In 2017 I collaborated with some lovely professional pals to create an independent comedy film festival called Silver Deck. It was an awesome 2-day event in Silver Lake, Los Angeles that showcased L.A. independent content makers from all over the planet. Work really ramped up after that, so we all got busy doing other projects, but we are all really hoping to bring it back in 2020!

What is the biggest misconception about you?

I would say the typical discourses surrounding comedians; that we are just silly souls. I adore silliness and it’s a real priority for me! But, comedy for most, comes from a much deeper place. I relate to Mike Myers' quote about being a “site specific extrovert.”  

"I think the ambitiousness of filmmakers can be all-consuming and almost necessary to make it in a lottery based industry, but the bigger picture is that friends are the ultimate grounding and real hope." 

If you weren't a director slash producer slash actor, what would you be doing?

I am currently receiving a Masters degree in Clinical Psychology, so that is my other life goal. I think the two work wonderfully as a partnership, especially people stretch beyond the thinking that: film people only do film. I’ve also always wanted to: race cars, take car of dogs, have a greeting card company, name lipsticks, be a novelist and a singer!

What gives you hope?

Small acts of empathy give me hope. People who recycle give me hope. Therapy gives me hope. Forgiveness and self awareness give me hope. A witty joke gives me hope. I think the ambitiousness of filmmakers can be all-consuming and almost necessary to make it in a lottery based industry, but the bigger picture is that friends are the ultimate grounding and real hope. 

What was the last show you binge watched?

The Handmaid’s Tale! 

Who do you look up to in the industry?

I think #MeToo threw people’s inspirations into question a bit, but I would say broadly speaking, I look up to women in film who are consistent, inclusive and fighting the good fight. Since meeting her at BAFTA LA, Zenith Ander has truly been an unbelievable inspiration to me as an actor and writer. Her sharp unique perspective, talented craftsmanship and immensely hard working nature - I’ve honestly been in awe of her. 

What is something people don't know about you, but you wish they did?

That I made a 12,000 piece coffee table out of Lego to look like granite! 

What can people expect from you in 2020?

People can expect me to eat breakfast most days - kidding...

I have a book and a mini series currently in development, as well as a project myself and Zenith Ander are currently in preproduction on. Its going to be an exciting series, released this year. 

Instagram: @sfotos

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