Sharp, sexy and Sicilian. With an Australian accent. That's how this actress rolls.

Clara chatted to us about her recent Edinburgh Fringe one-woman show, her back-up dream of becoming a marine biologist, and pasta.

What else would we chat about with this sharp, sexy Sicilian in L.A.?

What brought you to LA?

My initial interest to collaborate with artists in LA began when three close friends and colleagues of mine - producer/director/writer Courtnee Rizzo, filmmaker Fiona Bulle and actor/writer Zenith Ander moved to Los Angeles. Zenith's writing work on ECHO is really inspiring and I would love to join her team on their next project. When I first arrived in Hollywood, L.A. entrepreneur and friend, Isaac Serar introduced me to creative Tatiane Amnuar. Tatiane and I are writing a bicoastal web-series which will be ready for production very soon.

What is the biggest misconception about you?

I think the biggest misconceptions about me are: as an Australian, I can tan without burning.

And being Italian, I eat a lot of pasta!

If you weren't an actress & a vocal extraordinaire, what would you be doing?

If I weren't performing, I probably would have found a way to become a marine biologist, living in a cabin alone on some remote island where I could also be a hobby astronomer with my telescopes set up at night. I'd swim with the fish in the morning, research in the afternoon and fly into cities to hold conferences about neuroscience and marine life on scheduled weekdays.

(Sounds amazing!)

What gives you hope?

Oh wow! This is a big question. I was performing this year (2019) at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival in Scotland, and one night at the infamous Actors' Bar, I found myself surrounded by a diverse group of cisgender male friends. It dawned on me that this particularly group of men were true egalitarians and that I really do know a lot of non-sexist men! This realization gave me a moment of pause, and actually a lot of hope.

What was the last show you binge watched?

There's 3! 'The Crown', 'Civilizations' and '13 Reasons Why'. 

"I always wish new friends and acquaintances knew to take me on face value. I really to believe we have the capacity to be better to one another, and I really try to do that every day."

Who do you look up to in the industry?

I really look up to Francis McDormand. Her body of work is phenomenal! Her career/life balance seems to be intact, and she seems to really understand the impact of the industry on the consumer at large. I think that takes tremendous insight and holds a lot of responsibility.

What is something people don't know about you, but you wish they did?

I think most people who know me well know this about me: I always wish new friends and acquaintances knew to take me on face value. I really to believe we have the capacity to be better to one another, and I really try to do that every day.

What can people expect from you in 2020?

So much! I have a plethora of projects in the works that I'm really excited about launching! My stage work includes upcoming tours in both the States and internationally, in the updated version of the award-winning 'Manifesting Mrs Marx'. Also, three new writing works - one about hymens, another about Celiac disease, and another about an abduction in Italy. In New York, I am the female lead in Yuko Hamada's Japanese Theater Company show scheduled for 2020. My screen work next year includes three new feature films we put down in 2019 that will be released in 2020! I will get some sleep in there somewhere!

Instagram: @clar_esca

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