Alana is seemingly a superwoman; a hard working actress and producer who spoke to us about her love of true crime, her debut feature film ‘Before the Dawn’ (available now on Amazon Prime), and her crush on Dana Scully!

What brought you to LA?

I had always acted growing up, and as an adult I stepped away from it a little bit to focus on a corporate career. Eventually I started my own business, and that allowed me the flexibility to get back into acting classes. When I did that, I had my ‘ah-ha’ moment and realized acting was what I needed to be doing. So I sold my business and moved to LA. So I came to pursue acting, and I’ve ended up doing that but also getting more involved with the filmmaking process as a whole, and creating my own projects.

What is the biggest misconception about you?

I think when people look at me, they see me as a light, bubbly blonde and pocket me as a comedy actress. People seem genuinely surprised when they see that I can play dramatic roles well. They other thing I get is the assumption that I’m a dumb blonde, so when they find out that I write and produce they can be a little shocked. But being underestimated has always been my secret weapon. When I set out to write and produce my feature, ‘Before the Dawn’, a lot of people tried to make me feel like I was being completely unrealistic, but I did it. It was released in October and is now on Amazon Prime, Google Play, Tubi & YouTube Movies. That has definitely given me more credibility; Now when I talk about my future projects, people take me a bit more seriously.

If you weren't doing this as a career, what would you be doing?

Well, I’m already doing running 3 intertwining careers with writing, producing and acting, so if we take the film industry out of the equation altogether… oh this is tough! I get soooo much joy from singing, but I’m terrible at it, so that’s off the table. I love true crime investigations, so I think I’d really enjoy being a detective.

What gives you hope?

Hmmm that’s not something I think about a lot. I’m really just a ‘get in there and do what needs doing’ kind of person. For me, hope is somewhat self-created. The more you show yourself what you are capable of, the more you want to push yourself to achieve. I have goals, and I just work towards those day-by-day. Making a plan of action helps me to not feel overwhelmed, and I just tick action items off as I go until I’ve accomplished what I wanted to.

What was the last show you binge watched?

I just finished ‘Cheer’. It was so addictive. Prior to that I binged the second season of ‘Sex Education’. It’s so funny and so smart, without losing any of the emotion. And I have a major crush on Gillian Anderson.

Who do you look up to in the industry, and what is it that they're doing that inspires you?

There are so many people I respect and admire. I love that people like Margot Robbie and Reese Witherspoon have created their own production companies so that they can be more empowered in the creation of projects. As an actress, I love the choices both Amy Adams and Michelle Williams have made, as well as Saoirse Ronan. They have played such a variety of roles in amazing films and television that I really admire.

What can people expect from you in 2020?

As an actress, I have a horror film called ‘Bashira’ that is coming out in a few months. That was a lot of fun to make for me because I got to do some cool blood gags and some green-screen work, so I’m looking forward to seeing what it looks like on the big screen. I also have a comedy film called ‘Cash Collectors’ that I’m shooting, which is lots of laughs. As a writer, I have a horror screenplay in development that has been getting a lot of interest, so now it’s just about finding the right team to put it together. And as a producer, I have a documentary that will go into production this year. I’ve spent the past 12 months in development on it. I’ve interviewed hundreds of sexual assault survivors from all around the world of the reasons that they decide not to report sexual assault. It’s been such an eye-opening journey and I can’t wait to share it with the world. I think it’s going to be really powerful.

Twitter: @alanadefreitas

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